How do the courses work?

Our Fast Pass courses are designed to run over consecutive days with the test booked on the last day of the course. This way you can concentrate fully on your course with no distractions or delays to your lessons.

The day you book the course we will confirm the date AND book the driving test (Subject to you having passed your theory test). If you book online we will contact you to confirm the start date, we usually contact you with in 24 hours.

Once booked in you will receive a confirmation email with the name and phone number of one our our fully approved driving instructors that will carry out the course. The instructors work EXCLUSIVLEY with BDS Driving School and you can read all about them, along with their pass rates and reviews.

The instructor will message you with the timings of your course.

If you are travelling from out of town and arriving by train on the day of your course, the instructor can meet you at the train station (usually Blackpool North or Layton Train Station). You will start your course from the train station and they will drop you off at your booked accommodation. Each day they will collect you from the hotel and carry out the lessons. On the final day, you will check out from the hotel, they will collect you for your test and after the test they can drop you back at the train station for your journey home.

The BDS Fast Pass instructor will work with you – adapt their teaching style to suit you and pick up the areas that you need to work on. They are experts at what they do!

People often ask us how come we are so much cheaper than others out there? That is because we are a LOCAL DRIVING SCHOOL – not a booking agent. We dont need a HUGE commission, your money goes to the driving instructor. Our instructors have worked with BDS Driving School for MANY years.

Benefits of a Fast Pass Intensive Course

Completing an BDS Fast Pass intensive driving course is a great way to quickly become a confident and skilled driver. These courses offer a condensed and focused approach to learning how to drive, allowing you to gain all the necessary skills in a shorter amount of time.

One of the main benefits of completing an intensive driving course is the time-saving aspect. Instead of spreading out your driving lessons over several months, you can complete the course in just a few weeks. This can be especially beneficial for those who have busy schedules and limited time to commit to regular lessons.

Additionally, intensive driving courses are a great option for those who want to pass their driving test quickly. By focusing solely on driving for a shorter period of time, you can improve your skills and knowledge in a concentrated manner, increasing your chances of passing the test on the first try.

Another benefit of a BDS Fast Pass intensive driving course is the level of focus and dedication they require. By immersing yourself in driving for a set period of time, you can fully commit to learning and improving your skills without distractions or interruptions.

Finally, completing a BDS Fast Pass intensive driving course can increase your confidence behind the wheel. By quickly gaining the necessary skills and passing your driving test, you will feel more prepared and capable while driving on your own.

In conclusion, completing an intensive driving course with BDS Driving School can be a highly beneficial option for those looking to become skilled drivers quickly and efficiently. With a focused approach, time-saving benefits, and increased confidence, these courses are a great way to jumpstart your driving journey.

What to look out for

If the company a sponsored listing advert on Google – or similar – you may find that these are booking agents.

Other companies often take a HUGE deposit (commission) and then TRY and find an instructor to provide your training course! PLEASE read their reviews on Trustpilot or other social media before paying any money, we get so many calls from people who have paid a LOT of money to other companies and they dont get ANY back and they dont get any lessons either!

Are all their pass photos without headboards – or all different names? That is an example of a booking agent.

Do they offer a NO QUIBBLE refund – or are there hoops to jump through / lots of terms and conditions?

Our Advice is – Do your research! Ask for referrals from someone you know.