Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked Questions;

Do you do Crash Courses?
Many people use the term “Crash Courses”  We prefer “Intensive Courses” or “Fast Pass” . Yes – BDS Driving School provide lessons on a weekly basis AND intensive courses.

What areas do you cover?
We are a Blackpool based Driving School (NOT A BOOKING AGENT).  We have experienced driving instructors that cover the whole of the Fylde Coast, from Fleetwood to Lytham.

How do I know which course I need?
If you live locally we would recommend an assessment lesson, the instructor will advise on the best course for you.  If you don’t live locally, give us a call and we will have a chat about your driving experience and advise over the phone.

Is the course shared with another person
BDS only provide 1-2-1 Lessons (no car sharing) so its just you and the instructor in the car.

What is Car sharing or a Shared Driving Course
Some other companies try to sell you a “shared driving course” that is where there are 1 or even 2 people are in the car all trying to learn at the same time, so basically you all go out for the day and you take it in turns to drive, so you are watching someone else drive for most of the day. In essence you could buy a 30 hour course but only get 10 hours of driving!
In our opinion you learn to drive by actually driving – Not watching someone else driving !  BDS never car share !

Is an intensive Course right for me?
That’s is your decision, please bear I mind that the courses can be up to 6 hours per day (obviously there are breaks) but you will need to be able to concentrate and be motivated throughout the course.

What happened if I book the wrong course?
If you book a 10 hour course, but you actually need a 20 hour course you may not reach the required test standard and may not be presented for your driving test and you may lose the DVSA test fee.

Are you a Booking Agent?
NO – BDS are a Driving School.  That means all the instructors work solely for BDS Driving School.   We know our instructors, you can read all about them and their customer reviews.
Some other companies i.e. a booking agent takes your money, and a commission and then finds a driving instructor, that instructor only works for the booking agent when required and so the booking agent has no control over their training/ level of experience to deliver courses.

What is your Pass Rate
Our pass rate is well above the national average (the national pass rate is 47.1%)  You can see all our passes and reviews on our website and Facebook Page.

Will I have the same instructor throughout my course?
Yes, we will provide you with an instructor and you will have them from the beginning of the course right through to your test.

Will my instructor be fully Qualified
YES – All the instructors that do our Fast Pass courses are Fully Qualified by the DVSA.  We never use Trainee Driving Instructors for your course.

I only get a couple of days off each week, can I still do a course?
Yes, possibly, we can sometimes tailor our courses so you may be suitable for our Semi-intensive courses, where you can do a set amount of hours each week.

What are the timings of my course?
You can arrange the actual timings of your course with your instructor.  If you are doing the 5 day – 30 hour manual course, it normally starts on a Monday and you do lessons every day until your test which we book on the Friday.

If you are doing a shorter course you can choose the start day of your course, as long as all the lessons and test are in 1 week.

When is payment due?
We ask for £200 deposit to secure your course, the balance becomes due 3 weeks prior to your course starting. Remember this payment is FULLY REFUNDABLE anytime upto 3 weeks prior to your course. Others dont offer refunds!

How do I make payment?
We prefer you to give us a call so we can get all your details, you can make payment over the phone by card or by Bacs into our bank.

Is the Test Fee included in the Course Price
We book the test for you and so yes, we include it in with your course.

Where will my test be?
BDS Guarantee you a Test in Blackpool on the last day of the course, not all companies offer that service.
Read the small print, if it reads something like “we book the nearest available test centre” that could mean they book the nearest they can find, not necessarily the nearest to where your course is!  What is the point of doing a course in Blackpool and going to Manchester for a test?

Is my Test Guaranteed?
There is no such thing as a guaranteed test, the test is conducted by an examiner from the DVSA (Driving Vehicle and Standard Agency) and they will assess your driving ability on the day. The good news is that we have an excellent pass rate, which you can see from our customer reviews.

Do I need to pass my Theory Test?
Yes, you will need to have passed your theory test before starting your course, don’t worry we have software that will help with your revision.  We suggest you book your theory test and get in touch with us and we can book a date for your course shortly after your theory test.

Why don’t you do the Theory Test as part of your 1 week course?
We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your driving test without the added pressure of having to pass your theory test mid week.  If you have not passed your theory test you cant take your practical test… so if you book a course with a theory test midweek and fail you will have spent all that money, done all those lessons and you cant go for test.  That is why we support you PRIOR to your course to help you get through the theory test, then you can come and just enjoy the course without the added pressure of the theory.

What Documents do I need for my course?
You will need your Provisional Licence and Theory Test Pass Certificate to take on the day of you test.

What happened if my Test is Cancelled
There are rare occasions when the DVSA Cancel tests at short notice due to examiner illness or holiday, or even bad weather,  if that is the case we book the quickest test possible.  This situation is outside our control.