Free Car Maintenance Lesson
31/01/2023 / News

Free Car Maintenance Lesson

BDS Driving School have arranged a partnership with Chapelhouse Blackpool to offer FREE Car Maintenance Lessons to all BDS Customers....
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18/02/2020 / News

Changes to Theory Test

From 14 April 2020, the car theory test will include 3 multiple-choice questions based on a short video you'll watch....
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18/07/2019 / News

1 in 5 New Drivers Crash in their first year

1 in 5 new drivers crash within their first year on the road, so any changes would be designed to help reduce this number and improve road safety.
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11/06/2019 / News

Fines introduced for ignoring a red ‘X’ on motorways

Ignoring a ‘red X’ sign on a Smart Motorway could land you a £100 fine, with police granted use of...
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03/06/2019 / News

Cat S/C/D/N: What do the car insurance write-off categories mean?

If you’re searching for a secondhand car, you may come across vehicles described as a ‘previous write-off’. Essentially, this means...
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27/11/2018 / News

DVSA Changes Theory Test

DVSA have updated the Hazard Perception Test.  They have added 23 new CGI clips into the driving theory test to...
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24/01/2018 / News

MOT Reminder Service

  Do you ever get caught out by forgetting when your MOT is due? You can sign up for a...
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28/09/2017 / News

Is your Car on the Recalls List?

  Vehicle Recalls. A safety recall is defined as where the manufacturer recalls the vehicle for safety reasons under the...
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25/09/2017 / News

Theory Test

The Theory Test The United Kingdom driving test is a test which drivers must pass to obtain a driving licence....
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23/09/2017 / News

New Driving Test

From 4 December 2017, there are 4 changes to the "learner" driving test. 1. Independent driving part will increase to...
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