Cancellation Policy – Weekly Lessons

Unfortunately, due to the increased number of cancelled lessons BDS has had to fall in line with other driving school and implement a policy for the short notice cancellation of driving lessons.

Once a lesson is booked into the diary that lesson will be payable unless an alternative lesson is booked in the same week.


  • Any lessons cancelled and not re-booked in the same week will be subject to at £10 charge.
  • Any cancellation within 48 hours of the lesson will be payable in full.
  • Should the lesson be pre-paid and they are cancelled within the 48 hours one of the pre-paid lessons will be deducted as payment.
    (If it was a 2 hour lesson then 2 hours will be deducted).

We hope this is self-explanatory, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01253 320080.