FREE Car Maintenance Sessions

BDS Driving School have arranged a partnership with Chapelhouse Blackpool to offer FREE Car Maintenance Lessons to all BDS Customers. The sessions will include;

  • Bonnet release and safety
  • Visual under bonnet inspection
  • Screen wash top up and mixture
  • Brake fluid visual check
  • Oil level visual check and top up
  • Visual belts inspection
  • Tyre safety – Visual checking – tyre depth checking
  • Fuelling your car correctly
  • Changing a wheel – inflating your tyres
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Questions and Answers

Anyone that attends the sessions will be given special discounts in cars, servicing, parts and accessories as well as ongoing customer services and free puncture repair!

Chapelhouse Suzuki Blackpool Partners with Blackpool Driving School – Chapelhouse