Passed 25 Nov – Kieran Hannon

Extended Driving Test

Congratulations to Kieran Hannon on passing his driving test – again on 26th November. Kieran had to take and extended test.

Well done from your driving instructor Mike Joannou and all the team at BDS Driving School

Kieran is happy to be finally back on the road. Whilst he was a previous full licence holder Kieran took a short 10 hour automatic intensive driving course to refresh his driving and eliminate any bad habits he may have picked up over the years. This obviously paid off, as he s back on the road!

An extended test is ordered by the court if you are disqualified from driving. Its a longer and more demanding driving test. Its also double the test fee of £124. You also have to re-sit the theory again as part of the process of getting your driving licence back.

For more information on Mike Joannou that took Kieran for his Automatic intensive driving course – click here.

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Extended Driving Test